I like this town Tenryo Top and Bottom Campaign (Tenryo Top and Bottom Hinamatsuri)

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2021年2月20日 09:00 – 2021年3月21日 10:00
2021-02-20T09: 00: 00 + 09: 00
2021-03-21T10: 00: 00 + 09: 00
White-walled townscape (Joge-cho shopping street)
1006 Jogecho Joge, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture
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Tenryo Upper and Lower Hinamatsuri Executive Committee Secretariat (Upper and Lower History and Culture Museum)

In the Meiji era, Joge was crowded with customers who bought Hina dolls.

In the white-walled townscape (shopping street), Hina dolls will be exhibited at each store and museum with the feeling of valuing hospitality and encounters.

* Hina-sama will be exhibited in the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, but other related events will be canceled due to measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.It may be partially changed depending on the situation in the future.note that.

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