Kabuto Collecting Experience in Fuchu

Date and time:
May 2022, 8 14:10 – 00:15
2022-08-14T10: 00: 00 + 09: 00
2022-08-14T15: 00: 00 + 09: 00
Kofu Forest Ground
400-1 Fuchu-cho, Fuchu-shi, Hiroshima
Entry fee:
1,000 JPY
Contact Us:
Fuchu City Tourism Association

Collecting helminths in the helminth forest. (first 600 people)
Please bring an insect cage.

Admission fee: 1 yen per person (experience fee included)
Visitor gift [Children] Kabuto ♀ pair [Adult] Jelly for insects

A lottery (700 yen), Hercules larva grab (1,000 yen), and a stag beetle battle tournament will also be held.

*Please cooperate with measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease so that you can visit us with peace of mind.
If you have a fever or are unwell, please refrain from visiting.
In addition, it may be canceled depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection.