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China 5 prefectures drive stamp rally 2022

Fuchu City is also participating in the 5 prefectures of China x JAF Drive Stamp Rally 2022.

You can apply for a gift by collecting stamps at the stop-by points.

Date: April 2022th (Wednesday) -December 4rd (Friday), 20

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Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture

About the Fuchu

 Fuchu City is a city rich in nature, with mountains extending 400 to 700 meters undulating, forming the Ashida River that flows into the Seto Inland Sea, the Gonokawa River that flows into the Sea of ​​Japan, and the watershed of Yin and Yang.Due to its good natural environment, people have gathered since ancient times, and "Bingo Kokufu" was established around the 8th century.After that, it became Tenryo, which is under the direct control of the Shogunate, and became the center of politics, economy, and culture, such as the Iwami Ginzan Kaido.Even now, it still retains its historical resources and the spirit of "hospitality" and attracts visitors.

Fuchu map



お す す め コ ン テ ン ツ











Camp in the town of Fuchu and enjoy nature
Please spend have a relaxing time
at the campsite in Fuchu



"Work" and "Vacation" to work while feeling nature
to a luxurious place where both come true

Rental Bicycle

Rental Bicycle

Bingo Fuchu Sightseeing Toilet Tourism

Toilet tourism



Event Calendar

Headless Jizo Grand Festival (Spring Grand Festival)
May 5th All day
Neckless Jizo Festival (Spring Festival) @ Neckless Jizo
A big festival twice a year in Jizo, which is to fulfill your wishes.There is entertainment for sweets.
47th Top and Bottom Ayame Festival
February 6th 11:09 – March 00st 6:26
47th Top and Bottom Ayame Festival @ Yano Onsen Park Shiki no Sato

About 300 species of 10 irises and irises are in full bloom.

Admission ticket Adults 400 yen Children 200 yen

Bingo Kokufu Festival
May 7th All day
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Tourism image
Tourism image
Tourism image



Download brochure

Various pamphlets filled with the charm of Fuchu City.Be sure to download it when you visit.





Bingo Fuchu
Hana navi

Bingo Fuchu Hana navi

Fuchu town walk

Fuchu town walking map

Exit street
Detailed map

Detailed map of exit street

Cycle map

Cycling map

Fuchu sightseeing map

Fuchu City Tourism Pamphlet




The name "Fuchu" comes from the fact that there was a government office "Kokufu" that governs Bingo Province (currently eastern Hiroshima Prefecture) about 1300 years ago.Even now, the remnants of those days remain everywhere in the city, such as land allocations, roads, and shrines.

Kokufu is a branch office of the central government established in each country (now called prefecture) to govern the whole country about 1300 years ago, and it was the political and economic center of the region for about 500 years from the Nara period to the Heian period. It also prospered as the cultural center of the region.

Fuchu City is located slightly inland in the southeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, and its urban area extends over the alluvial plain of the Ashida River, which flows from the Chugoku Mountains into the Seto Inland Sea.In addition, Jogecho is located in a highland (altitude of about 30m) where there is a watershed in the town, which is very different from Fuchu city area (Approximately 400m above sea level).

In particular, the time when it snows has not been stable for the past few years, but the first snow often falls around January in the Fuchu city area and around December in the Jogecho area.If you move between Fuchu and Joge due to snowfall, the road surface may freeze in the morning and evening, so please be careful when moving by car. We strongly recommend that you wear at least studless tires after December.

In the city of Fuchu, the temperature in winter is about a single digit, and it is okay if you have a coat, sweater, etc. during the day, but it is better to have a muffler etc. in the morning and evening. Spring and autumn temperatures range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, so a thick outerwear is recommended for beginning of spring and something thin for beginning of autumn. In summer, the temperature ranges from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius, so short-sleeved shirts are enough. If you go north to Joge Town, the temperature will differ by about XNUMX to XNUMX degrees Celsius compared to Fuchu City, so what to wear changes greatly depending on the time of year. Also, in winter, there are places where the road surface freezes in the morning and evening, so it is strongly recommended to wear studless tires when coming by car.

Currently, there is no facility in Fuchu City where only hot springs can be put in, and the only one at MG Youth Hostel is the hot spring water used at the former Ayameso, so you can take a hot spring bath at the time of stay.

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