Announcement of Fuchu City location movie "I want to meet the most" screening and advance ticket sales

On February 2023, 2 (Friday), a screening of the movie "Ichiban Aitai Hito", which was filmed in Fuchu City, will be held at the Fuchu Cultural Center.
At the screening, the starring Narumi Kuranoo (AKB48) will also give a stage greeting.
(* 3 out of 2 screenings)

Special advance tickets are on sale at Fuchu City Cultural Center, Fuchu City Tourist Association and others.

【date and time. Place】
February 2023, 2 (Friday) Fuchu Cultural Center
➀10:30~12:46 Stage greeting 12:16~
➁13:30~15:46 Stage greeting 13:30~
③18:30~20:16 Screening only, no stage greetings

[Advance ticket]
General 1,500 yen
Senior (over 60 years old) 1,300 yen
Child (elementary school student to high school student) 1,000 yen
*High school students must present their student ID card, and senior citizens must present their age proof.
* Same-day tickets are 1,800 yen for adults, 1,300 yen for seniors, and 1,000 yen for children.

[Contact Us]
Fuchu City Tourism Association ☎0847-43-7135

The movie is a miraculous story about the life of a girl who overcame leukemia and the man who became her donor.

Announcement of New Year holidays

The tourist information center will be closed during the following period during the year-end and New Year holidays.

[Closed period] December 4, 12 (Thursday) to January 29, 5 (Tuesday)

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Hometown tax return gift "Takumi's insect specimen paulownia chest" started to be exhibited

The Fuchu City Tourism Association has started exhibiting the "Artisan Insect Specimen Kiri Tansu" as a return item for Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture's hometown tax donation.
There are three types of specimens: Hercules beetle, domestic beetle, and three species of stag beetle.
A paulownia box made from specimens produced by the beetle and stag beetle specialty shop "Stag Beetle" in cooperation with local furniture manufacturer "Hoshino Mokko Co., Ltd." and laser engraving and UV special printing company "Tuffcom Co., Ltd." It is a specimen paulownia chest that I put in.

Hercules beetle
Donation amount 80,000 yen
Domestic Kabuto
Donation amount 65,000 yen
3 species of stag beetle
Donation amount 65,000 yen

Furusato Nozei is accepted by Satofuru, Furusato Choice, and Rakuten Furusato Nozei.
[Fuchu City hometown tax]
 Satoful (external link)
 Furusato Choice (external link)
 Rakuten hometown tax (external link)

* Contributions eligible for return gifts are limited to those living outside Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

[To travel agents] Subsidies for bus fares, etc.

Using subsidies related to sightseeing in Fuchu City, tours using chartered buses and taxis are now very affordable for meals, experiences, and guides in the city.
In addition to attractive sightseeing spots, there are many local treasures in familiar places such as local historical heritage sites and scenic spots rich in nature.
Please use all means.

Fuchu City Tourism Division 
Phone: 0847-43-7141

For details, click here

[Fuchu City Edition] Nishimura Campsite Broadcast for 10 weeks from October 29th!

Fuchu City will appear at the Nishimura Campsite, which is broadcast on TSS TV Shin-Hiroshima every Saturday from 5:XNUMX pm.
It will be broadcast continuously for 10 weeks from 29:5 pm on Saturday, October 4th!
What kind of ingredients do you get in Fuchu City and what kind of camping food do you make?
Look forward to the Nishimura Campground Fuchu City Edition!

■ Broadcast date ■
TSS TV Shin-Hiroshima Nishimura Campsite From 5pm
October 10th (Sat), November 29th (Sat), November 11th (Sat), November 5th (Sat)

(I.e.Click here for the Nishimura Campground program website

Up and Down Scarecrow Festival/Kitemina Festival Notice

Jojo Scarecrow Festival is being held from Saturday, October 10nd.
Shiki-no-Sato, Shirakabe townscape (Shimomachi shopping street) is lined with hand-made scarecrows that have been solicited from the general public, and the grand prize is determined by popular votes of visitors.
Voting is open until 11pm on Friday, April 4th. The scarecrow award ceremony will be held on November 1th (Sunday) at the Kite Mina Festival.
At the Kite Mina Festival, in addition to the scarecrow commendation ceremony, there are many fun things to do, such as the rain ritual, the stall corner, the sale of fresh vegetables, and the fun lottery.Please come by all means.

[Contact] Yano Onsen Park Four Seasons Village 0847-62-4990 

Notice of Autumn Leaves Festival

The Autumn Leaves Festival will be held in Fuchu City again this year.
How about enjoying the colorful and beautiful autumn leaves that can only be seen at this time of year?

Fuchu Hachiman Maple Forest 3rd Autumn Leaves Festival

Period: November 2022st (Tuesday) to November 11th (Friday), 1
During the period from 17:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX Autumn leaves light up

■November 11th (Friday) and 18th (Saturday) 19:10-15:XNUMX
・Tea Ceremony Tomomiji Cafe

■ November 11 (Sun) 20:10-15:XNUMX
・Ryuteki performance and Houei dance ・Bingo Sosha drum ・Wako drum
・Amulets are awarded ・Tea ceremony ・Restaurant ・Momiji cafe

Fuchu Hachiman Shrine, where the popular "transparent toilet" is installed.From the bottom of the torii gate to the Zuishinmon gate, the approach to the main shrine and the surroundings of the precincts are beautifully colored with the fiery colors of autumn leaves. On November 11th (Friday), a large autumn festival will be held at Kubinashi Jizo nearby.

Saburo Falls Autumn Leaves Festival

Period: November 2022st (Tuesday) to November 11th (Wednesday), 1

■ Sunday, November 11, 13:10 a.m.
・Sales of fresh local vegetables

Please enjoy the superb view of Saburo Falls and autumn leaves.

Topic: Bingo Fuchu Sightseeing Toilet Tourism!

"Bingo Fuchu Omotenashi Toilet" is being worked on in Fuchu City.
Local people take the lead in providing toilets for visitors to Fuchu City, which are installed throughout the city.
Among the restrooms registered as "Bingo Fuchu Omotenashi Restrooms", there are also unique restrooms, which have recently been featured on television and are attracting attention.
How about enjoying “toilet tourism”, visiting beautiful and unique toilets and visiting tourist spots in the surrounding area?
[Click here for unique toilet information]

Recruiting runners for online marathons and relay marathons!Entry until October 10st (Monday)!

The Fuchu City Machinaka Marathon will be held for the second time this year.
You can enjoy two styles: an online marathon that you can participate from anywhere in the country, and a relay marathon that you can actually run in the city and connect the sashes.
Entries are being accepted until October 10st (Monday)!
Please join us.

Click here to apply!

9/10 Beetle collecting experience in Fuchu 6th

We held a night forest collection experience on Saturday, September 9th.
On this day, you will experience collecting sawtooth stag beetles (males).
It was more difficult than collecting beetles, and it seemed difficult to find them, but everyone was looking hard from top to bottom of the tree with a light in hand.


With the above, this year's Kabuto collecting experience in Fuchu 6th all 4 times has ended.
Thank you very much for coming!