[Love] The name of the carp has been decided!

From May 22st (Sun) to 119nd (Sun), when we solicited the names of Nishiki-koi with a heart-shaped pattern on the forehead, we received XNUMX applications.
Thank you for many applications.

After a rigorous examination, the name has been decided.
The name is "heart".
The names submitted by eight men and women from Fuchu City, Fukuyama City, and Miyoshi City have been adopted.

Everyone, please come and see our new companion, "Kokoro (heart)".

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Ozuka Rose Garden [Opening Information]

314-2 Kozuka, Jogecho, Fuchu-shi
Phone: 080-8230-6538

Opening date: May 5th (Sat) -October 28st (Mon)
Admission fee: 500 yen (free admission once next time)

Besides roses, you can also enjoy lilies and hydrangeas.Roses are in full bloom in early June every year.

Sightseeing toilet tourism

Let's enjoy sightseeing toilet tourism!

Introducing the unique toilets in Fuchu City, which are also registered in the "Bingo Fuchu Hospitality Toilet" that Fuchu City is working on.
"Bingo Fuchu Hospitality Toilet" is a toilet for the people in the area to entertain the people who visit Fuchu City, and is installed in various parts of the city.
Why don't you enjoy "Sightseeing Toilet Tourism" by visiting the clean and unique toilets and stopping by the surrounding tourist spots?
[See detailed information on Bingo Fuchu Sightseeing Toilet Tourism]

[Love] We are looking for a carp name

Koisiki is looking for new fellow names.
We are looking for a name for Nishiki-koi, which has a heart-shaped pattern on its forehead.
One of the 4 Nishiki-koi donated in April has been open to the public since May 23st in the aquarium in the front entrance hall of the main building.
Please come and see them swimming in the aquarium and give them a name.

[Recruitment period] From May 5st (Sun) to May 1nd (Sun) 5:22

For details, click here

Flower navi Flower information




140 Fukae, Jogecho, Fuchu City
Phone: 0847-54-2652 (Fuchu City Tourism Association Upper and Lower Branch)

Best time to see(As of February 4)

Anraku-ji Temple Satsuki

258-2 Mesakicho, Fuchu City
Phone: 0847-41-4449

Too much in full bloom (As of April 5)

Ebine no Sato Ebinelan

Kozuka, Jogecho, Fuchu City (near Ozuka Rose Garden, the green streamer is a landmark)
Phone: 0847-54-2652 (Fuchu City Tourism Association Upper and Lower Branch)

Begin to bloom(As of February 5)