What is Bingo Fuchu Film Commission?

The Bigo Fuchu Film Commission aims to raise the name recognition of Fuchu by producing tourism PR videos, and by cooperating and attracting the shooting of movies, TV programs, CMs, etc., and also images the various attractions of the region. We are working to convey the charm of Fuchu and contribute to the development of regional revitalization.
Fuchu City, a small town in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, where the Sekishu Kaido, which once carried the annual tribute from Iwami, runs through the city.In Jogecho and Deguchicho, which prospered as post towns at that time, you can meet the quaint townscape.Another attraction of Fuchu is that nature is close to the city center and you can easily enjoy the forests and valleys in each of the four seasons.
The Bingo Fuchu Film Commission supports location shooting in Fuchu, a city rich in nature.

Bingo Fuchu Film Commission Service

Bigo Fuchu Film Commission provides various services for video production such as movies, TV dramas, and commercial films.Please feel free to contact us.

● We will respond to various inquiries regarding location shooting.
● We will introduce the location according to your desired shooting scene.
● We will take care of the procedure for contacting the subject of photography and applying for permission for use as much as possible.
 Regarding road use, we ask that the staff accompany you in advance or when you apply for a road permit.
● In case of location hunting or location scouting, we will guide you to the site as much as possible.
● Introducing Sinahan, location hunting, accommodations required for location, rental cars, video-related businesses, etc.
● We will assist you in recruiting extras and public relations.

Photographing support request form (PDF)
Shooting support request form (Word)

Access to Fuchu City

Joge areas

  45 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Mihara-Kui IC
  20 minutes from Sera IC on the Subdistricts of China
  30 minutes from Shobara IC on Chugoku Expressway
  50 minutes on the general road from Hiroshima Airport
  60 minutes from Fukuyama Station via Fukuyama SA Smart IC  
  100 minutes from Fukuyama Station
  60 minutes from Miyoshi Station

Fuchu area

  35 minutes from Fukuyama Higashi IC on Sanyo Expressway
           20 minutes from Fukuyama Nishi IC
           30 minutes from Mihara-Kui IC
  15 minutes from Onomichi Kita IC on the Subdistricts of China
  60 minutes from Shobara IC on Chugoku Expressway
  50 minutes from Hiroshima Airport via Sanyo Expressway
  40 minutes on general road from Fukuyama Station
  45 minutes from Fukuyama Station
  120 minutes from Miyoshi Station  


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