Gallery lending rules

  1. The images registered in the gallery can be used free of charge for the purpose of public relations activities in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
  2. Use for the purpose of commercializing and selling image data alone or in a form close to it (picture leaflets for sale, calendars, material collections, product catalogs, etc.) and redistributing (transferring, lending, selling) to third parties Is prohibited.
  3. Use that is offensive to public order and morals and is prohibited on adult sites, dating, crime, and other underground sites.
  4. Please write "Photo courtesy of Fuchu City Tourism Association" in the publications containing the downloaded image data.
  5. If you violate 2-4, the Association has the right to claim damages or claim a consolation fee from the user, and can suspend the use of image data for the image. ..
  6. Please submit a part of the actual product with the image data to our association.If you use the photo data on the Web etc., please send the address.Please also let us know the URL of the photo data you used.
  7. The copyright of the image belongs to the association and the third party who provided the image to the association.The portrait rights shall be at the discretion of the user, etc., and the Association shall not be involved.
  8. We do not guarantee any of the downloaded images.The Association will not be held responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused by the use of images.
  9. The user does not need to return the photo, but please be sure to discard it after use.

Submission (contact information)
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Fuchu City Tourism Association
TEL: 0847-54-7135 FAX: 0847-44-6870