Update: 2020 year 05 month 31 day

Notice about new coronavirus

Following the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Hiroshima Prefecture, the Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture requested the citizens of the prefecture to refrain from going out on weekdays and weekends on April XNUMX (Monday).

Therefore, regarding refraining from going out during this period, we ask for your cooperation from the perspective of reducing opportunities for contact between people.

[Event canceled in Fuchu City]

  • Early June Firefly Festival (Yume Hotaru Park)
  • June XNUMXth (Sat) -July XNUMXth (Sun) Top and Bottom Ayame Festival (Yano Onsen Park Shiki no Sato)
  • July XNUMXth (Sun) Saburo no Taki Festival (Saburo no Taki)
  • July XNUMXth (Sun) A gathering to return the Japanese emperor to nature (Sato of the Japanese emperor)
  • July XNUMX (Sun) Kawasakyo Festival (Kawasakyo)
  • July XNUMXth (Sat) -XNUMXth (Sun) Bingo Kokufu Festival (Fuchu city, etc.)
  • Early August Tenryo Top and Bottom Ryosai Festival (Shirakabeno Townscape)
  • August XNUMXth (Sat) Tenryo Upper and Lower Fireworks Festival (Upper and Lower Junior High School)