Update: 2018 year 11 month 11 day

11/11 The autumn leaves of Saburo Falls are in full bloom

Today is the autumn leaves of Saburo Falls on November XNUMXth (Sun).

Thank you very much for visiting the Autumn Foliage Festival today (^^ ♪)

The autumn leaves are also beautifully colored and are in full bloom ~ (^ O ^)

However, there are some trees that have not been colored yet, so you can see the autumn leaves that change every day (^^) /

After all it is calming to see the beautiful autumn leaves while feeling the cool and clear flow of the wind and listening to the sound of the flowing water ~ (* ^^)

Please drop in (* ^^ *)

* There is a parking lot, but please be careful as the road is narrow.

Location: Saburo no Taki XNUMX, Saburomaru-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture