Update: 2018 year 07 month 22 day

About facility use of Kawasakyo and Hataka Lake

Due to the impact of this heavy rain disaster, we have suspended the use of the facilities, and have partially resumed the use of the two facilities, Kawasakyo and Hataka Lake.

As for Kawasakyo, we are not able to swim in the river, and we are currently adjusting the artificial waterslide.

Kawasakyo currently has campgrounds, jabujabu ponds, and fishing ponds available.

As for Lake Hataka, there are some places where it is depressed, so please contact the local management office and use it.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Inquiries: Kawasakyo Management Office ℡0847-49-0344 XNUMX Moroke-cho, Fuchu-shi

Hatakako Management Office ℡0847-49-0339 XNUMX Futanda, Moroke-cho, Fuchu-shi