Update: 2018 year 01 month 07 day

Bigo Fuchu ware experience class

We are accepting applications for a hands-on classroom of the local gourmet "Bigo Fuchu-yaki" in Fuchu City.

Bigo Fuchu-yaki is an okonomiyaki with minced beef and pork and soba with plenty of cabbage. The umami of minced meat and cabbage are integrated, and the inside is fluffy and the outside is crispy with minced fat. is.

It has been loved in Fuchu City for a long time, and you can bake it yourself while being taught how to bake "Bigo Fuchu Yaki", which is the soul food of Fuchu citizens.

Would you like to experience it? (^ O ^)

Price: Adults XNUMX yen, Children (junior high school students and younger) XNUMX yen * Reservation required, XNUMX people or more

Location: Kiterasufuchuma (Fuchu City Regional Exchange Center) South Building XNUMX-XNUMX Fuchucho, Fuchu City

Application / Inquiries: Fuchu City Tourism Association TEL / FAX 0847-43-7135