Update: 2019 year 11 month 13 day

Neckless Jizo Autumn Festival

From XNUMX:XNUMX on November XNUMXth (Monday), the first year of Reiwa, we will hold an autumn festival at Shumu Jizo, where it is said that your wishes will come true if you touch it.

It is also called "Kubi-san", and since it was dug up on May XNUMX, XNUMX, it is said that the wishes of those who worshiped will come true, and worshipers from all over Japan have visited.

A big festival is held on May XNUMXth and November XNUMXth every year, and daikon simmered radish, entertainment of sweets, memorial service for Homa, etc. are held.

In addition, the "Oidyanse Festival" will be held on the same day at the nearby Ishishu Kaido Exit Street, and flea markets and food stalls will open.

Please come by all means (^ O ^)

Location / Inquiries: Deguchicho, Fuchu City 250 ℡0847-43-5732