Update: 2022 year 03 month 10 day

Certified as "100-year food"!

Fuchu miso and Bingo Fuchu-yaki have been certified as "3-year food" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs "Food Culture Momentum Development Project" in the 100rd year of Reiwa.

What is "100-year food"?
① A food culture peculiar to the region that has been creatively devised and nurtured while making the most of individuality in the local climate, history and customs
② Food culture that has been passed down and eaten across generations in the region
③ There is an organization that declares that the food culture will be inherited for over 100 years as the pride of the region.

The requirements for certification as a "2-year food" are that all of the above criteria ① through ③ must be met. From Fuchu City, two organizations, Fuchu Miso Cooperative Association and Bingo Fuchu Pottery Promotion Association, were recommended and applied for the certification.

There are three categories of 100-year food: "traditional" that has continued since before the Edo period, "modern" that was created in the Meiji and Taisho eras, and "future" that aims to succeed 100 years. Fuchu miso is in the traditional 3-year food category, Bingo Fuchu-yaki was certified in the future 100-year food category.