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8/13/14 Kabuto gathering experience in Fuchu

The Night Forest Collection Experience was held on August 8th (Sat), and the Kabuto Forest Collection Experience was held on August 13th (Sun).
On August 8th (Sunday), a lottery where you can win the world's largest Hercules, a Hercules larva grab, and a stag beetle battle tournament will also be held.In the stag beetle battle tournament, the final decisive battle to decide No. 14 was a heated battle.
Thank you to everyone who came!

■ 13/XNUMX (Sat) Night Forest Collection Experience

■ 8/14 (Sun) Kabuto forest collection experience

The next 9/10 (Sat.) will be the 6th and final installment of the Kabuto Collecting Experience in Fuchu.
The final night forest collection experience is a saw stag beetle (male)!
On this day, children will receive a pair of male and female saw stag beetles.

looking forward to!

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