Update: 2022 year 10 month 26 day

Up and Down Scarecrow Festival/Kitemina Festival Notice

Jojo Scarecrow Festival is being held from Saturday, October 10nd.
Shiki-no-Sato, Shirakabe townscape (Shimomachi shopping street) is lined with hand-made scarecrows that have been solicited from the general public, and the grand prize is determined by popular votes of visitors.
Voting is open until 11pm on Friday, April 4th. The scarecrow award ceremony will be held on November 1th (Sunday) at the Kite Mina Festival.
At the Kite Mina Festival, in addition to the scarecrow commendation ceremony, there are many fun things to do, such as the rain ritual, the stall corner, the sale of fresh vegetables, and the fun lottery.Please come by all means.

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