Update: 2022 year 11 month 25 day

Hometown tax return gift "Takumi's insect specimen paulownia chest" started to be exhibited

The Fuchu City Tourism Association has started exhibiting the "Artisan Insect Specimen Kiri Tansu" as a return item for Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture's hometown tax donation.
There are three types of specimens: Hercules beetle, domestic beetle, and three species of stag beetle.
Japanese beetle specimens produced by the beetle and stag beetle specialty store “Stag Beetle” are placed in paulownia boxes produced in cooperation with local furniture manufacturer Hoshino Mokko Co., Ltd. and laser engraving and UV special printing company Tufcom Co., Ltd. It is a specimen paulownia chest of drawers.

Hercules beetle
Donation amount 80,000 yen
Domestic Kabuto
Donation amount 65,000 yen
3 species of stag beetle
Donation amount 65,000 yen

Furusato Nozei is accepted by Satofuru, Furusato Choice, and Rakuten Furusato Nozei.
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* Contributions eligible for return gifts are limited to those living outside Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture.