I'll give it to you
To Bingo Fuchu
The key to an open-minded journey

Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
There used to be a national government office that governed Bingo, such as shrines, roads, and land allocations.
The remnants of that time are still alive.
Prospered as Tenryo, Iwami Ginzan Kaido from ancient times,
The spirit of "hospitality" cultivated there
It still warmly welcomes visitors.
Gourmand born from high quality nature and
Manufacturing with traditional techniques,
Activities that take advantage of the beautiful landscape and nature,
And the townscape that seems to have slipped back in time
Recall new discoveries, excitement, and forgotten childhood
It may be the key.
Now, on a trip to Bingo Fuchu that opens your heart
Let's go out.