Please tell me how to access Jingu-ji (hydrangea temple).

Along National Highway 486, turn toward the mountain side of FamilyMart Fuchu Mezaki store, and if you follow the road, there is a parking lot at Jingu-ji Temple, so please use that.In addition, there is no parking fee during normal times, but it may be required at the time of the event.

Where is the parking lot when walking around Fuchu city?

In Fuchu City, there is a public parking lot called Festival Square just north of the regional exchange center "Kiterasufuchuma".On the upper and lower sides, there is a white-walled tourist parking lot (Joge Chamber of Commerce and Industry management: 0847-62-3504), and in the Yano area, there is a Yano Onsen Park Shiki no Sato parking lot (Fuchu Town Development Promotion Corporation management: 0847-62-4990).All parking lots can be parked for free as of 2021, so please use them.

I would like to go around Fuchu City Station by bicycle. Is there a rental cycle?

There is a bicycle rental terminal at Fuchu Station.It is unmanned, does not require application, and has no time limit, but it is managed and operated by the good intentions of many local people.I would like you to follow good manners and take good care of yourself.Please put the charge in the charge box (XNUMX yen a day) installed in the bicycle storage area.

Please tell me how to access Fuchu city area using the expressway.

If you are coming from Osaka, head north on Route 182 from the Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama-higashi IC, turn left on Route 486 at the intersection Jukukenya (north), and follow the road for about 1 km to Fuchu city area.If you are coming from Chugoku Expressway or Sanyo Expressway Kyushu, change to the Matsue Expressway (Onomichi Expressway) and get off at the Onomichi Kita IC. is.