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Can you enjoy Saburo Falls all year round?

You can always see the seasonal plants that grow naturally, but in the summer you can play with the natural waterslides and cool off in the shade while watching the autumn leaves.In the fall, you can enjoy autumn leaves hunting, and the Saburo Falls Autumn Leaves Festival is held and events are held.

Please tell me the spots for playing in the river in Fuchu City.

The river play spots in Fuchu City are famous for Saburo Falls and Kawasakyo, which are famous for their natural water slides.Both have fishing ponds depending on the season, and Kawasakyo has a campsite, a waterslide, and a "jabujabu pond" for young children with ankles, in addition to swimming in the river.For details, see Saburo no Taki (TEL.0847-41-7900),Kawasakyo GorgePlease contact us.