Nearby Tourist Spots

Please tell us about the headless Jizo, which is rumored to have had a spiritual test since it was enshrined in Fuchu City.

In XNUMX, he stood at the bedside of Mr. Toshio Higashi in the city and was dug out with the message, "If you dig me out of the field, I will grant your wishes." The story that wishes will be fulfilled one after another spreads, and people from Shikoku can come to visit us in the distance.At Shumu Jizo, there is a monthly festival and a big festival in spring and autumn twice a year, and it is crowded with many visitors.

Is it possible to rent a car to explore Fuchu City?

It is possible to tour Fuchu City with a rental car rented by the customer.For rental car reservations, if you contact Kaku Motors a few days in advance, we can arrange a rental car on your behalf and board in Fuchu City.Basically, there is no car rental company in Fuchu city.If you can rent it individually, please rent it in a neighborhood such as Fukuyama City.

How can I find out more about the history and culture of Fuchu City?

Literature and excavated items are exhibited at the Fuchu City History and Folklore Museum and the Upper and Lower History and Culture Museum.Please use all means.Admission is free for both.The museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00 at the Fuchu City History and Folklore Museum and from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Joge History Culrific Museum.

What is the recommended place for a walking course?Is there a parking lot?

Both the city of Fuchu and the streets of Jogecho are flat, so it is suitable for walking.

On the upper and lower sides, you can take a walk under the cherry blossom trees in the area around Yano as well as the upper and lower white walls.Regarding the parking lot here

For hiking, there are roads from Fuchu Hachiman Shrine to Myomi Shrine, and Takeyama above and below.In both cases, there is a parking lot if you choose the trailhead, but please note that the road is a little narrower on Mt. Takeyama.

What kind of festivals are there in Fuchu City?

There are various festivals in each of the four seasons, but please check this year's schedule for details such as the Bingo Kokufu Festival in the spring, the Bingo Fuchu Food Expo in the fall, and the Tenryo Upper and Lower Hina Festival in the winter.