Is Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture related to Fuchu Town, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture and Fuchu City, Tokyo?

After the Bingo Kokufu, Aki Kokufu, and Musashi Kokufu were promulgated, the cities where facilities like the modern prefectural office were set up during the Nara-Heian period are called Kokufu.If there is a relationship between them, I think that every country can be said to be a big city with noble people who came from the center.In addition, Emperor Shomu made each country build a seven-storied pagoda and enshrined the Golden Light Sutra, the sutra-copying sutra.In addition, Kokubunji Temple and Kokubunnanji Temple were ordered to be built, and it is reported that each country's prefecture obeyed them.