Please tell us the recommended sightseeing model course where you can fully enjoy Fuchu City.

  1. Get off at Fuchu Station on the JR Fukuen Line.
  2. 10 minutes walk from the station Get tourist information from Fuchu City Tourism Association.
  3. A 10-minute walk from the tourist association, Fuchu-yaki shop Hira no Ie, meat ball (small) 700 yen.The meat is minced, so you can enjoy the crunchy texture.For women, the size is small and quite satisfying.The restaurant is listed on the Michelin Guide, so it is crowded at noon.
  4. Hira no Ie is located along the Ishishu Highway, so you can take a walk as it is, and after taking a walk, buy white miso as a souvenir at Kinko Miso.
  5. Fuchu miso is said to be Kyoto, Kagawa and the three major white miso.
  6. Visit to the furniture exhibition hall at Doi Woodwork Many sofas and tables are exhibited and sold with furniture made of solid hardwood and veneer.
  7. You can take the Fuchu City Circular Bus to Fuchu Park, Shumujizo, Ishishu Kaido Exit Street, and Barca Cafe run by a sneaker maker.
  8. We stayed at the old folk house guesthouse "Stayable Machiya Tenryo Top and Bottom", which is a XNUMX-minute walk from JR Fukushio Line Up and Down Station.
  9. The Fukuen Line is a local line with 1 lines a day, which is quite rare.
  10. Rural scenery spreads along the railway line, and there are many shooting spots for railroad fans.
  11. As for meals, you can eat the famous Gyu-soba, other set meals, and Western dishes in the upper and lower towns.
  12. For sightseeing up and down, it's a good idea to rent a walk or voice guidance with your guide.
  13. As a walking spot, it is a commercial district with cultural assets such as Okinaza, Mano Museum, Suehiro Sake Brewery Museum, and Christian Church.
  14. If you want to enjoy BBQ and camping around the top and bottom, there is Shiki no Sato.
  15. It is fully equipped with water and electricity and is popular with beginner campers.
  16. From May to June, 5 kinds of irises are in full bloom.
  17. For advanced camps, the auto campsite in Hatakako Forest Park is a spot where you can enjoy your private life.
  18. Kawasakyo is popular as a family-friendly campsite and BBQ spot, and in the summer it is crowded with river play, and you can reach Hattabara Dam by walking along the old Fukuen Line promenade.
  19. Finally, stop by Roadside Station Bingo Fuchu for a souvenir of your trip and buy miso, woodwork, and fresh vegetables.